Young Voices in the news (April 5th – April 13th)

Get Ready for the Fallout From Trump’s Tariffs (REALCLEARPOLICY) – Andrew Wilford

Trump’s Transgender Ban is Back, and it’s Still Terrible (COUNTER PUNCH) – Brad Polumbo

Despite ‘Equal Pay Day,’ the gender wage gap doesn’t exist (GLENN BECK) – Rachel Tripp

Trump immigrant crackdown invades Texans’ privacy (CALLER TIMES) – Dan King

Free Market Cures for Wage Stagnation (TOWNHALL) – Alex Muresianu

South Korea Deal Is Not the ‘Home Run’ for Protectionists (SPECTATOR) – Andrew Wilford

Casey Given joins Circa for an immigration discussion

Ryan Khurana on Fox 5 to breakdown Facebook hearing

Amelia Irvine takes a victory lap after winning Campus Pundit Award

Kat Murti joins a debate on immigration and “the wall” with CRTV


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