Young Voices in the News 11/14 -11/19

Who Are We Burning Flags For? (Center for a Stateless Society) – Lucy Steigerwald

Americans, We Aren’t So Tough, and It Shows (American Conservative) – Zach Yost

Flirting With War in North Korea (Counter Punch) – Lucy Steigerwald

The #Resistance will soon have its very own anti-Trump hotel (Washington Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

It’s Time to Stop ‘Leaving Your Sword’ outside Church (National Review) – Matthew Larosiere

Taylor Swift is not an alt-right princess (Sp!ked) – Liz Wolfe and Lucy Steigerwald

The Pai FCC Should Be Commended for Media Ownership Reform (TownHall) – Pranjal Drall

Why Young Entrepreneurs Desperately Need Tax Reform (FEE) – Hannah J. Bennett

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