Young Voices in the news 10/28 – 11/3

The gay-cakes case could set a dangerous precedent (SPIKED) – Bradley Polumbo

#MeToo: Her Harvey Weinstein, my Average Joe (Washington Examiner) – Deshani Gunathilake

With or Without a Birth Control Mandate: Why American Women Still Lose (CounterPunch) – Ibis Valdes

To Gerrymander Or Not To Gerrymander (Daily Caller) – John Bianchi

The death of local news has huge consequences for political engagement (Washington Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

The Business of “Casting Couch” Culture (CounterPunch) – Ibis Valdes

The bipartisan war on free speech is self-destructive (Washington Examiner) – Bradley Polumbo

You Against the Government’s Tools (CounterPunch) – Ebonique Ellis


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