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Advocate Axel Wins First Place in The Mont Pelerin Society’s Hayek Essay Contest

Advocate Axel Kaiser won first place in the Mont Pelerin Society‘s 2014 Hayek Essay Contest for his submission on F.A. Hayek’s concept of progress.

Any attempt to understand the Hayekian theoretical corpus must start with Hayek´s philosophy of knowledge and theory of mind. Following the Kantian
tradition, Hayek believed that human reason could not know what things are in themselves, because the structure of our own mind defines the way we see the
world. Thus Hayek agreed with the idea that the task of philosophy consists in  exploring the limits of human reason rather than in discovering the essence of
things through some sort of metaphysical method such as the ones proposed by Aristotle or Plato.


You can read Axel’s submission here.

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Advocate Curtis Published in Daily Caller on Libel Litigation

Advocate Curtis Tate was published in The Daily Caller on Yelp’s challenge to a recent ruling requiring it to reveal the identities of reviewers accused of libel.

A denial of Yelp’s appeal would protect the current legal process that lends itself to free speech and its ramifications. Preventing malicious lies while requiring businesses to prove that they have been damaged beyond a reasonable doubt is the only equitable way forward. Other solutions simply favor one party at the cost of another. A country serious about the protection of freedoms must be serious about their responsibilities as well.

You can read the full piece here.

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