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Young Voices Podcast – YV Update

Today’s Young Voices Podcast features Sergio Monreal and YV Director Casey Given discussing updates and changes within Young Voices Advocates. The Young Voices donate page is now up and running, and be sure to follow Young Voices on Facebook and Twitter.

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Update from Director Casey Given

When incubating Young Voices, Students For Liberty worked from the beginning to make it a sustainable endeavor with its own branding and niche in the pro-liberty movement. We believe it has reached a point where we can spin it off, allowing Young Voices’ staff to focus solely on its mission in order to grow beyond its current scale. As of Monday, May 11, I will be working full-time to make Young Voices even bigger and better.

Although I am sad to leave Students For Liberty, I look forward to giving Young Voices a stronger focus on issues affecting young people today and bring us greater notoriety as the PR shop of note for the millennial generation.

FREE E-Book: “A Future for Millennials”

Our writers are in a unique position to prescribe policy solutions for the challenges facing the millennial generation. These solutions are now available, free of charge, in Young Voices’ first  e-book: A Future for Millenials – Policies that can Restore Prosperity.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s Reason Magazine’s Elizabeth Nolen Brown:

“In Policy Challenges for the Millennial Generation, millennial scholars, policy analysts, writers, and advocates delve into some of these unique opportunities, and puzzles posed to and by their peers. They explore how libertyminded lawmakers, activists, and others with a stake in influencing millennials might harness the expectations and power of this generation – now larger than the baby boomers, and the most educated and ethnically diverse in America to date.”

Download your copy of this free e-book below. 

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