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An Uber for Women May Work (or Fail)

Chariot for Women, a new ridesharing service that is only available for—you guessed it—women, is gaining attention before its launch on April 19. Some argue that a service that only allows women and children customers is illegal, but I will leave that question to lawyers. Besides, there are many economic reasons to doubt the sustainability of Chariot for Women’s current model.

Sexual assault allegations have plagued Uber since its inception, but they have gained more attention with BuzzFeed’s recent release of Uber passenger complaint data. The release was only a query search for certain terms, and Uber clarified that there were five reported rapes and “fewer than” 170 sexual assault claims between December 2012 and August 2015. Note that there were 15 reported rapes in taxis last year in New York City alone.

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Female Conservatives: More Than Just a Pretty Face

When everyday people find out that I am into politics, they automatically assume that I am an abortion-loving, bleeding-heart liberal who wants the government to regulate everything from guns to the environment.

They assume that, as a female, I am only engaging exclusively on “female issues” and that I must lean left.

I mean, what kind of a woman would I be if I were a… dun dun dun… CONSERVATIVE?!

But I am not a liberal. I am a pro-life, constitutional conservative who loves my country as much as I love my guns and free markets. And we are not a rare breed.

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Conservative Women Can Be Feminists Too

Women are running for president in both major parties. This bipartisan acceptance of female candidates would surely make the suffragettes proud.

Unfortunately, many in the modern feminist movement do not celebrate this progress so much as clarify which female leaders are allowed to call themselves “feminists.” The movement needs to rethink this exclusive mentality, which ignores the diversity of female perspectives.

Republican Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina isn’t your run-of-the-mill feminist. She’s pro-life. She’s religious. She’s Republican. But she’s not your run-of-the-mill conservative female politician either.

Since the beginning of her campaign, Fiorina’s narrative has revolved around working her way up the corporate ladder to become CEO of Hewlett Packard. This is in stark contrast to 2012 Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann, who lists the roles of “wife,” “mom,” and “foster mom” on her Facebook page before her roles as a small business owner or former congresswoman.

There is nothing wrong with a woman who is proud of her role as a wife and mother, but there is something refreshing about a Republican woman who refuses to cling to that narrative, even if it’s what the Republican establishment expect.

So what about those issues where Fiorina will clash with mainstream feminists; most notably issues of reproductive freedom?

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