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Scalise shooting, Portland and others: How much do the political views of American terrorists matter?

When a Portland man stabbed the defenders of two women who appeared to be Muslim in May, he was quickly identified by his conservative and white supremacist politics. He had supported Donald Trump, ranted against Muslims, and appeared at rallies with neo-Nazi gear. That he also supported Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Standing Rock protests was less reported.

When another man shot at members of congress on June 14, leaving GOP House Whip Steve Scalise in critical condition, different media personalities quickly played a similar game with a new twist: suspect James Hodgkinson was a proud Sanders supporter who frequented anti-Trump social media pages. Minutes after the shooting, Donald Trump, Jr. repeated a sentiment most often expressed by progressives of late: that violent rhetoric sometimes has violent ends….

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The Uncomfortable Link Between the War on Drugs and Violent Crime

On May 31, Ross Ulbricht lost his appeal with the Second Circuit appellate court. He will serve out the remainder of his life sentence, a sentence passed down in part due to allegations that he commissioned multiple murders-for-hire. Whether or not Ulbricht ordered these hits, his case illustrates how, by criminalizing drugs, the United States government has created an institution that incentives violence.

Ulbricht did not begin with violent intentions. He was an Eagle Scout who founded The Silk Road as a beacon of freedom. He agonized over the idea of a hit: As Wired reports, “He had talked to Inigo [an employee] about how he just wishes the best for people, and loves them in the libertarian spirit—even Green [Ulbricht’s first alleged target], in flagrante delicto.” But for Ulbricht and others involved in the drug industry, violence was in his self interest…

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Advocate Maria Published by AtlasOne on Ukraine

Advocate Maria Semykoz was published by AtlasOne about the ongoing violence in Ukraine.

These last days, the main square in my home city resembles a cemetery. Kiev Maidan is covered with flowers, memorial wreaths and candles. Beautiful, but incredibly sad music plays amid teary eyes and exhausted faces. Portraits are placed with black corner ribbons. This is what a victorious revolution looks like in the 21st century.

Three months ago, on November 21, a couple of hundred thousand people, predominantly students and young professionals from Kiev, went out on Maidan to protest President Viktor Yanukovych after his unexpected refusal to sign an Association Agreement with the EU. The protest was remarkably peaceful, expressed mostly by the singing of Ukrainian songs. Though a slim majority of Ukrainians supported the EU agreement, only a minority felt strongly enough to take part in the demonstration. This minority, however, was determined enough to stay on the Maidan – day and night, in cold winter weather – for almost a week, until Yanukovych decided it was enough.

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