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Chicago Teachers’ Walkout Leaves Kids and Fiscal Reality Behind

The Chicago Teachers Union conducted a walk-out across the city on April 1st. The strike shut down classrooms to protest what the union claims is inadequate state support for Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Besides Chicago’s students, the walk-out leaves behind the next-most-important thing—a sense of fiscal reality. CPS’ real problem isn’t revenue, it’s expenses. Expenses the Chicago Teachers Union helped drive.

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The Party Line: Teaching to the times

Recently, President Obama came out to confess that rigorous standardized tests are not always the solution to providing a better education. While this is a positive step on the administration’s part, there are still miles to go for meaningful education reform.

This entire conversation is predicated on the idea that there is a need for the federal government to play a role in education. Certainly, we do not want clueless masses running the country in the future. Without question, a workforce prepared to face the challenges of a globalized economy will need to be trained.

Once we establish what we want to accomplish, it becomes a matter of who implements it. Many profess the desire for education to become more and more focused on the individual, all the while demanding that a group of central planners miles away lay down the law for them.

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