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‘Dirt boxes’ let the government steal your data – DOC THOMPSON SHOW

The Texas National Guard reportedly has two RC-26 military aircraft equipped with devices that can record and listen to calls; stop phones from sending or receiving calls; track the user’s location; and collect a host of other data.

Yikes. What else should I know?

On today’s show, writer Dan King (Young Voices) explained why you should be worried about these “dirt boxes,” government devices that imitate a cell phone towerand can steal your private information without a warrant. The device is known as a “dirt box” because it’s made by Digital Receiver Technology (DRT).

Advocate Ryan Hagemann quoted in The Intercept on cybersecurity

Advocate Ryan Hagemann was quoted in The Intercept, where he commented on the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.

“We certainly would have liked more time to bring this issue to the attention of libertarians and conservatives. Unfortunately, the way the final bill was conferenced — keeping Chairman McCaul out of any substantive discussions and disregarding many of his concerns around the reconciliation process — moved it quicker than we anticipated,” wrote Ryan Hagemann of the Niskanen Center in an email to The Intercept.

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