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Young Voices reacting to the State of the Union Address

Young Voices Advocates and staff got busy after watching President Trump’s State of the Union Address. Here are the pieces and interviews that followed the roller coaster speech by Donald Trump:


Adriana Vazquez in the Washington Examiner: Trump called for high-skilled immigration in the State of the Union, but they’re not the only ones we need

Amelia Irvine in Rare: How government-mandated paid family leave could end up hurting women

State of the Union Hints at Obama’s Lame Duck Term

There has been a growing trend in the State of the Union address the President gives each year. He stands before Congress and begins to alternate between populist appeals,  personalised stories, and non-starter policy proposals.

This year was no different, although there is a possibility that a couple minor changes may be made.

Little of the actual public policy substance mentioned in President Obama’s speech last night has any hope of passing two hostile houses of Congress in any form that he may want. The President’s premier proposal, an increase in the capital gains tax, is chief among these political non-starters.

Not only is the proposed tax increase horrible tax policy, the likelihood of it going anywhere is all of nil. Instead, the President should have proposed some form of corporate tax cut, which could achieve similar revenue goals while having bipartisan support in Congress.

His proposed idea of free community college is equally misguided. The proposal removes tax advantages on college savings plans (known as 529 plans) in order to lower the costs of community college. This amounts to a direct transfer from those saving for a traditional college education to those who instead choose a community college.

There is plenty of reason to believe that this would do little for the aggregate cost of education to society and could even encourage community college costs to rise, given the influx of “free money” that did not exist before. Yet all of this is a rather moot point, as the likelihood of such an expansion passing is minimal.

The President once again talked about infrastructure. He asked Congress to pass a new infrastructure bill, increasing spending on things like ports, bridges, internet, and rail lines. This says nothing about whether the aggregate lack of public spending in infrastructure is a problem.

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