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The “Conservative Socialism” of Bolivia’s Evo Morales

The left‘s romance with Bolivia’s President Evo Morales is not as strong as it was in the past, especially after the backlash over trying to build a road inside the ecological reserve TIPNIS.

They even accuse Morales of being a neoliberal, but the label conservative socialist is more accurate. The term may sound strange, but there is no other way to describe a pro-life, anti-imperialist, fan of Che Guevara who also manages the economy in the style of Margaret Thatcher, according to the Financial Times.

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Cubans Want Capitalism

Cuba is sometimes idealized as a successful counter model to capitalism. This month, however, the University of Chicago’s NORC released a study about the opinions of Cuba’s population. The findings of the poll were clear: Cubans want capitalism.

The Cuban people are ready and willing to improve their lives, but the government prevents them from doing so.

This kind of information was not previously available because the Cuban government repressed information in and out of the island. As such, the study, based on in-person interviews with 840 randomly chosen adults, gives a rare glimpse into the sentiments of Cubans about the system under which they live.

Cubans on Cuba

65 percent of interviewees said they want to privatize more businesses and decentralize the economy. 68 percent see competition as a positive way to promote ideas and as a motivator to work hard. Many Cubans have an entrepreneurial mindset with 56 percent of the people planning to start a business in the next 5 years. To compare, 57 percent of Americans plan to become entrepreneurs. The Cuban people are ready and willing to improve their lives, but the government prevents them from doing so.

Further, only 13 percent of the population thinks the Cuban economy is doing well. GDP shrunk by almost one percent last year. Venezuela, one of Cuba’s main benefactors, had to reduce its oil deliveries by 60 percent due to their own economic crisis, which has had a heavy impact on Cuba’s GDP.

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Actually Bernie, Markets, Not Socialism, Promote Kindness

Bernie Sanders’ success is remarkable. He may be behind in delegates, but he remains competitive in a two-horse primary race, despite being an avowed socialist who has made denouncing capitalism central to his campaign.

In the last Democratic Party debate, Sanders even refused to disavow the Castro regime in Cuba, after video surfaced of a younger Sanders praising Cuba’s “revolution of values,” and how the Cuban people were working for the common good, rather than just themselves.

Sanders does not favor political oppression, but he clearly prefers Cuba’s collectivist approach over the greed he thinks comes from competitive markets.

He may be surprised to learn that, far from creating selfishness, markets actually promote kindness and a respect for the lives of our fellow man.

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Socialism Is Not The Answer, And It Never Will Be Read

With Senator Bernie Sanders sweeping to Victory in the New Hampshire primary, it is safe to say socialism’s popularity is rising in the United States.

Bernie claims his form of socialism, democratic socialism, is completely different from the socialism that arose during the Cold War. He’s dead wrong. Democratic socialism is just as bad as any other form of socialism, it makes life for ordinary people worse.

Bernie says his democratic socialism is a continuation of FDR’s New Deal (which he claims was socialist), and he often cites the Nordic states as prime examples of democratic socialism in action.

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Bernie for Beginners – What does Sanders believe?

With less than two weeks until the Iowa Caucus, many people outside Washington, D.C. are beginning to focus on the 2016 presidential election marathon. The sustained popularity of real estate developer Donald Trump is already a surprise in the Republican race. Now the surge of Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is shaking up the Democratic race.

Conventional wisdom from political pundits held that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would face an easy path to the Democratic nomination. However, Sanders is now even with Clinton in Iowa and beating her in New Hampshire, which hosts the nation’s first primary.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, has found success by railing against corporations and billionaires. His rise has energized millennials and progressives, but many undecided voters are still wondering: what exactly does Sanders stand for?

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