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“Social justice lawyers” won’t save law school

Last Friday, the Dean of Brooklyn Law School, Nicholas Allard, published an op-ed in The Hill that theorized a recent minor uptick in the number of law school applications was due to “the intense interest among many Millennials in issues of social justice and the urge to make a positive difference.”

More specifically, Dean Allard pointed to the hordes of attorneys and law students that packed airport terminals in January to provide counsel to visitors caught up in President Trump’s poorly conceived immigration ban. In the dean’s opinion, these activists inspired new law school applicants “like the generation inspired by Woodward and Bernstein to pursue careers in journalism.”

There are entrenched, systemic problems in legal education — over-valued sticker prices, nearly insurmountable student loan debt, curricular requirements that skimp on teaching real lawyering practices — that guarantee law school is a bad choice for many or most students. Dean Allard is making an emotional appeal, but the truth is that legal education is undergoing permanent changes. These changes mean that fewer students should go to law school, constitutional crisis or not.

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Not enough blacks on the red carpet?

Hollywood is having a hissy fit over next week’s Oscars

The latest faux-scandal to raise the ire of Hollywood’s overactive social conscience comes from the lack of black nominees in this year’s Academy Awards. A number of stars including Jada Pinkett Smith, Spike Lee, Mark Ruffalo and Snoop Dogg have decided to thumb their nose at this year’s ceremony for it’s lack of diversity by very publicly confirming their non-attendance. And predictably enough, they have been joined by thousands of likeminded grievance mongers eager to stand in social-media solidarity with their benighted A-list brothers and sisters.

Calling the 6,000 strong Academy responsible for awarding Oscars prejudiced is no small charge. Yet the logic used by the #OscarsSoWhite rabble-rousers to reach this conclusion is actually very simple. The assumption is that the absence of African Americans in the acting categories can only be explained by racial bias on the part of the award’s selectors.

For those who regard ‘diversity’ (along with concern for climate change and gay marriage) as the supreme virtues of any self-respecting modern society, this seems perfectly plausible.

But a charge this hefty deserves scrutiny more serious than navel-gazing over whether Will Smith’s skin colour is the reason he wasn’t nominated for his performance in Concussion.

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The Mizzou protesters are muzzling us

‘Privileged’, ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ – these are the words protesters at the University of Missouri are using to discredit their critics. Apparently only those who agree with the protests – which were sparked over allegations that administrators were not doing enough to combat racism on campus – are worthy of the ‘love’ and ‘support’ that they claim is central to their movement.

The protesters believe they have the moral highground; they are attempting to silence anyone they disagree with – and it seems to be working. There is now a climate of fear at the University of Missouri, as students who disagree with the protesters, their demands or the methods they use are afraid to speak out lest they be labelled ‘racist’ and reported to the authorities. Critics are being told that it is better for them to bite their tongues than to have their say, since anything less than total agreement is presented as the equivalent of spouting racial slurs. When students do decide to share their views, they are met with personal attacks and social-media harassment. Some have even been told that they ought to kill themselves – which is more than a mere ‘microaggression’.

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Expel People Who Demand Trigger Warnings

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt and Foundation for Individual Rights in Education President Greg Lukianoff recently wrote a tour de force of an article entitled, “The Coddling of the American Mind.” In response, Maddy Myers of The Mary Sue wrote an article so petulant it verges on self-parody. Worse yet, it is insulting to the readers’ intelligence, insofar as Myers apparently believes that an article coauthored by a decades-long veteran of studying psychology (Haidt) simply suffers from a failure to understand post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Among the more amusing bits of Myers’ non-response is an admission that she “[doesn’t] have evidence back up [her] claims of how these warnings work,” but does have “a lot of anecdotal stories from friends about how they have trouble predicting what will ‘set off’ their anxiety.”

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Anthony Weiner

The Beginner’s Guide to #Gamergate

If you had to describe the emergent media phenomenon known as #Gamergate in one sentence, it would be this:

#Gamergate is a media scandal surrounding collusion between left-wing journalists and the people they are supposed to cover, in some cases including the interaction between a sexual relationship and positive media coverage.

However, as with most one sentence descriptions, this fails to capture the essence, so here is a hypothetical situation that may help conservative readers understand #GamerGate better:

Imagine that tomorrow, news broke that Anthony Weiner had been sleeping with Melissa Harris Perry during the summer of 2013, just before Harris Perry devoted a lengthy segment to bemoaning the sexting scandal as a distraction from “real issues.”

Got it? Now, imagine that the mainstream media absolutely refused to cover news of the relationship. No, I don’t mean “buried it on page A6,” I mean didn’t cover it at all.

Now, imagine that when media consumers started protesting to ask why the relationship was never mentioned, the media smeared everyone asking about the story as anti-Semites for badmouthing Anthony Weiner.

Now, imagine news came out that the reason they didn’t cover it was because there was a secret email list being maintained by prominent media members, where Weiner allies were threatening anyone who talked about the subject into silence.

Now, imagine that even after these revelations came out, everyone still pretended the only issue was anti-Semitism.

And finally, imagine that the few times that people decided to get together to talk about the scandal, or just to socialize with each other, left-wing activists, allies of our hypothetical Anthony Weiner, called in bomb threats to stop them.

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