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Podcast #60: America’s Dying Malls

Today the Young Voices Podcast welcomes on Nolan Gray, an Advocate and graduate student at Rutgers University. Nolan wrote a piece in CityLab this past week about why cities malls & strip malls are dying. What can cities to do capitalize or reverse this? How does zoning impact business?

And why is Star Wars Episode II better than The Force Awakens?

Nolan Gray and Stephen Kent discuss.



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How to survive a retail meltdown – CITYLAB


Cities and suburbs are getting clobbered by the collapse of the retail sector. But there are ways to use the crisis as a way to speed long-overdue land use reforms.  

The proliferation of half-vacant shopping centers and abandoned malls on the fringes of cities has become such a pervasive problem that we have a new word for it: greyfields. Chances are you have a few in your community: acres of paved parking with weeds creeping through the cracks and a dilapidated big-box structure standing in the middle. They’re the increasingly hard-to-ignore manifestation of what’s often described as the retail meltdown. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the retail sector lost approximately 30,000 jobs in March alone, with thousands of store closings projected through 2017. At this pace, store closings in 2017 are likely to surpass the Great Recession year of 2008.

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