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This election isn’t about ideas—it’s about fear

In a state chock full of evangelical Republicans, a thrice-married, formerly pro-choice reality TV star who openly admits never asking God for forgiveness, has mused about dating his own daughter, and has been rebuked by multiple church heads, just won the GOP primary. What’s more, evangelicals ended up making the difference by throwing a plurality of their support behind Trump.

Trump’s Saturday victory in South Carolina carried 32.5 percent of the primary vote, a full 10 points ahead of the nearest challenger, Marco Rubio. Of South Carolina’s Republican primary voters, 72 percent described themselves as born-again Christians. That’s an even bigger portion than four years ago, when evangelicals made up 65 percent of South Carolina voters.

Ted Cruz should have been a serious contender in the Palmetto State, given how much his campaign depends on the religious right. But Trump beat Cruz among evangelicals 33 percent to 27 percent. Even Marco Rubio won a high enough 22 percent of the demographic to eke out a second place finish over Cruz, with support from more moderate voters near the coast and around the state capital of Columbia.

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Carly Fiorina: Empowering Female Conservatives

Carly Fiorina changed the game for female conservatives, nervous to defend their ideology in a world screaming “war on women.”

She has given life to the female conservative movement and has ushered in a new voice in feminism.

Before I heard Carly speak for the first time, I had never heard a female conservative speaker that resonated with me. The Sarah Palin’s and Michelle Bauchman’s of the world didn’t fit my shade of conservative. I wanted a female conservative role model that I could take seriously, that had poise and class…and along came Carly Fiorina.

Carly Fiorina, with her unapologetic truths, has proven that feminine can be powerful and intelligent, and can also be conservative.

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