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Conservatives are giving Trump a pass over golf trips because of politics, not racism

Shaun King, senior justice writer at the New York Daily News, recently wrote that the conservative silence over President Trump’s golfing schedule is evidence of racism, and not simply a matter of politics.

Trump has spent an inordinate amount of time golfing in his first months in office, and the hypocrisy is obvious, given that Trump was never shy about criticizing President Barack Obama’s outings on the golf course. Conservatives more generally have refused to criticize Trump on the matter, given that he has spent seven out of 13 weekends as president at his estate in Florida. However, the double standard simply highlights the power of partisan politics, and isn’t evidence that Trump supporters and surrogates are racist.

King claims that the lack of a reaction to Trump’s time on the golf course is proof that “conservatives never really had a problem with a golfing President, what they hated seeing was a black golfing President.” Barack and Michelle Obama represented “uppity negro[es]” — or black men and women who do “anything other than working from sunup to sundown” and enjoy “creature comforts in life that some whites may not yet be able to afford to enjoy — say a musical, a play, fine dining, or, you guessed it, a round of golf.”

King’s evidence in support of this argument is flimsy. He correctly points out that Fox News pundit Sean Hannity and former Congressman Newt Gingrich each criticized the Obamas, and have yet to criticize Trump.

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Florida Attorney General Candidate Leads Pro Marijuana Rally

Weed is Winning the Local War on Drugs

Atlanta’s city council is contemplating making a smart move by decriminalizing marijuana possession (up to an ounce) within city limits. The current ludicrous threat of jail time would be replaced with a paltry $75 fine.

Many say Atlanta has a major policing problem along racial lines—more black residents are getting arrested for marijuana possession than their white counterparts, to an eery degree. Proponents of this new policy say decriminalization could partially ease those tensions.

Currently, punishments vary for first-time possession of up to an ounce. On the second offense, however, you can pay up to $1000 in fines and spend up to one year in jail. Possessing more than an ounce can result in one to ten years behind bars.

A $75 fine would be a welcome change and would show that Atlanta is yet another in a long list of cities attempting to restore sanity to drug sentencing.

The War on Drugs and Racism

Between 2014 and 2016, 92 percent of those arrested for marijuana possession within Atlanta city limits were black, according to City Councilman Kwanza Hall. Current legislation is designed to reduce racial policing issues and lessen incarceration of blacks for nonviolent offenses. As marijuana becomes increasingly accepted, Atlanta’s arrest demographics look unsettling compared to the rest of the country. Thankfully, if city council alters these needlessly-punitive laws, policing in Atlanta has the opportunity to change for the better.


Columbia Unveiling Racist Conversations Is An Example Of How To Dismantle Civil Society

Last week, a cultural shaming revealed itself by way of a text-messaging / group-chat scandal involving members of Columbia University men’s wrestling team. The wrestlers sent messages ranging from “did you see any of those nigs in North St Louis protesting that teenager getting shot by cops,” to “every girl begs for the cock so hard,” amongst other sentiments.

The problem, however, is in how these exchanges were exposed. The messages were captured by screenshot, taken secretly by an unknown copier, in what was assumed by all participants to be a private conversation. There is an obvious privacy issue at play here, but I’d like to instead focus on the resultant effect on how we communicate.

When the natural manner in which people speak is revealed, and they experience shame because of that exposure, it will cause them to change their behavior in ways we might not like. Moreover, the strength of a society can be measured by how well it incorporates views that range from moderate to extreme. An increase in cultural shamings like the one at Columbia will prove harmful to political discussion.

This problem of cultural shaming has unintended consequences. First, and specific to this controversy, this is exactly the type of locker room talk we can dismiss as being meaningless. Young men say stupid, obscene things, and they say them often. Making overgrown boys, whose physiology keeps them semi-adolescent until they’re in their mid-20’s, walk over the hot coals of cultural indignation just isn’t a worthwhile practice.

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Black Panthers

Young Voices Podcast – How Gun Control Hurts Minorities

The latest Young Voices podcast features Meg Arnold, Nathan Kelly and Daniel Pryor. Today they will be discussing Meg and Nathan Goodman’s (who wasn’t available for recording) recent article for the PanAm Post, titled ‘How Gun Control Hurts Minorities’.

Topics discussed include the racist origins of gun control legislation, minority groups in favour of gun rights and the various ways in which marginalised groups are negatively affected by gun control laws.

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Straight Outta Jewish America?

A policewoman rifles through my purse. “You’re good,” she says, politely excusing me as she moves on to the next person in line. I am not at an airport, a concert, or a secured building. I am waiting in line to see Straight Outta Compton at a majority-black theater, and eight police officers are holding everyone up. I made it through the line much quicker than others.

Eventually I make my way into the theater. I get some glances, but none are hostile. I take my seat, becoming engrossed in the outstanding political and racial commentary before me. Then the movie takes a comedic turn: Ice Cube offends Jerry Heller, NWA’s manager, and in return Heller calls Ice Cube out for antisemitism. Heller eventually calls in the Jewish Defense League to “protect” himself and Eazy-E.

Laughter fills the theater as I slouch into my seat. I am the only white Jewish-American woman in attendance, and I know that the audience’s amusement is well founded.

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