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Puerto Rico Can Avoid Greek Tragedy with Tough Reforms

Last Friday, Greece’s legislature passed a raft of reforms to placate European lenders as the country faces a debt crisis with broad international implications. The deal contains many real, painful cuts for Greeks, but certainly ones that are necessary if the country is ever to regain its fiscal footing.

As this unfolds, another fiscal crisis of a small jurisdiction within a currency union also plays out: the pending default of the US territory of Puerto Rico. My last column addressed the federally imposed problems facing the island, but many of the territory’s issues were certainly brought on by poor government choices in the past that have yielded fiscal ruin today.

With such clear parallels between the two jurisdictions, the reforms passed in Greece are a reasonable guide for what could be done to remedy Puerto Rico’s economic woes.

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Advocate Matthew’s Letter-to-the-Editor on Obama’s Transportation Plan Published by Newsday

Advocate Matthew La Corte was published by Newsday about President’s Obama proposed transportation plan and private infrastructure.

President Barack Obama spoke in Westchester County, calling on Congress to pass a four-year, $302-billion transportation bill [“A road trip for road bill,” News, May 15]. The White House has touted this plan as a vision for 21st century infrastructure, so that we remain a global superpower. Unfortunately, the bill does the very opposite by bucking the 30-year global trend of privatizing infrastructure.

The Economist noted that 11 of the 20 largest initial public offerings between 2005 and 2013 were sales of minority stakes by state-owned enterprises. Revenue for privatized airports represented 45 percent of total revenue for the 100 largest airports in the world.

Obama’s plan simply offers another stale attempt to use federal politics while rejecting international trends.

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Advocate Matthew’s Letter to the Editor Published at NJ.com

Advocate Matthew La Corte was published in NJ.com about decriminalizing marijuana.

Proposals to privatize E-ZPass and toll collection on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway (“Toll collectors fear impact of Turnpike’s privatization plan,” Jan. 29, NJ.com) are to be presented to the Turnpike Authority this month. As the debate regarding privatization heats up, it’s important to remain grounded in fact-based analysis and not respond to emotional pleas from defenders of the failing and costly status quo.

Tom Feeney, spokesman for the Turnpike Authority, said that privatization “could produce significant savings without compromising quality in any way.” Plus, the Christie administration’s task force estimates $35 million to $42 million would be saved annually by privatizing toll collection.

New Jersey is among the highest-taxed states in the nation. By reducing the government’s role in toll collection, the state saves much-needed money. These savings can result in a more efficient use of taxpayer funds for vital government services such as law enforcement and could even result in lower tax burdens.

Saving $35 million or more per year for New Jersey is a serious plus. If services can be privatized, millions in savings can be produced and quality will not be compromised, then it’s time to move past our current system.

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Advocate Matthew Published in PJ Media on Privatization

Advocate Matthew La Corte was published in PJ Media about functions of the federal government that can be privatized.

“Privatization” is a buzzword in politics that conjures up both hope and despair. Instead of being repelled by potential market failure, opponents of privatization should examine the widespread government failure seen in the status quo.  Market failure is a possibility; current government failure is the reality. It’s critical to weigh potential market failure with potential government failure, not potential market failure with their intended desire for government success.

Privatization leads to lower state-owned debt, increases efficiency and effectiveness of services, and allows private investors to support innovative entrepreneurs. Anyone who’s been to the DMV will knows that private businesses serve customers more efficiently and kindly than government bureaus. The simply fact is that politically-motivated agencies are antiquated and unable to produce desirable results that citizens demand.

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