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Liz Wolfe of Young Voices joins The Glenn Beck Program (9.11.2017)

Yesterday Liz Wolfe, managing editor for Young Voices, joined The Glenn Beck Program live in Dallas, TX to talk about the problems posed by labeling hate groups as terror organizations. They also talked about millennials and the hope Glenn has for the younger generation. Check out the whole conversation and share it!


Hey, Buffalo Wild Wings and company: Don’t blame millennials for your dying restaurants

Calm down, Generation Xers –– millennials aren’t ruining casual dining, though Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith would love to differ. Smith made headlines last week as she wrote about the casual dining demise in a letter to shareholders. She blamed declining sales on changing tastes, saying millennials prefer cooking at home, ordering food for delivery or frequenting restaurants that provide quick service. Although she’s certainly correct about reasons why casual dining has experienced a popularity decline, blame shouldn’t be placed on millennials –– it should be placed on the restaurants that have failed to keep up with changing demand.

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