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Editor Casey Published in Townhall on Public School Militarization

Editor Casey Given was published in Townhall about the Department of Defense’s paramilitary transfers to public schools.

In wake of the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, many Americans are concerned about the militarization of local police. One issue that continues to be downplayed, however, is just how local this arms race has gotten. The Department of Defense (DOD) is funneling paramilitary equipment, not just to municipal and county police departments, but to public schools as well.

You can read the entire piece here.

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Advocate Cory Published in Antiwar on Bitcoin and the Military Industrial Complex

Advocate Cory Massimino was published on Antiwar.com on how Bitcoin could reduce the military industrial complex.

The past 100 years has seen the advent and spread of the disease with the highest death count of all time: the military industrial complex. The most evil, murderous, relentless force the world has ever seen is the partnership between defense contractors, weapons manufacturers, and R&D developers with the state. This dynamic duo of death relies on a continuous process of mass production, taxation, inflation funded borrowing, bullshit crises overseas, nationalistic idiocy, and mass killings in the name of “democracy” or “anti-terrorism” – the systematization of mass theft and mass death. The problem is one of institutions that are fundamentally flawed with perverse incentives and perverse powers. That means the only solution is to work around the system.

You can find the full piece online here.

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Advocate Nick Published in PanAm Post on Department of Veterans Affairs Scandal

Advocate Nick Zaiac was published in The PanAmerican Post on the U.S. federal government’s inefficient management of office space.

The fact remains that the VA has failed its one and only mission. It exists as a separate, cabinet-level department with a $140 billion budget, solely to provide benefits to those who served in the military and their families. The lack of productivity, the long wait times, and soaring costs all show that the department has not achieved its mission by any real standard. Veterans deserve better than to be mistreated by the bureaucracy explicitly meant to aid them upon their exit from the military.

You can read the entire piece here.

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Advocate Christoph Published by Open Democracy

Advocate Christoph Heuermann was published in Open Democracy about a military protection in Europe.

An oft-deployed argument in favour of further centralization and integration of Europe is based on international relations. Only Europe as a whole can compete with Great Powers like the USA, Russia or China. If not speaking and fighting with one voice, it even threatens to pale in comparison to emerging countries like Brazil or India. For this reason, Europe needs an army and to follow a Common Foreign and Security Policy.

However, is this true? For sure, France, Great Britain or Germany alone cannot compete any more with their military, let alone other European countries. Nevertheless, there always has been the possibility of alliances. With the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, most European countries are militarily united in a highly successful way. People arguing against the dependency on the US should not forget history. Although European countries certainly have their own, sometimes different interests, the US has proven, and will further prove, a valuable partner, regardless of minor differences.

Read the rest of the piece here.

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