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Scalise shooting, Portland and others: How much do the political views of American terrorists matter?

When a Portland man stabbed the defenders of two women who appeared to be Muslim in May, he was quickly identified by his conservative and white supremacist politics. He had supported Donald Trump, ranted against Muslims, and appeared at rallies with neo-Nazi gear. That he also supported Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Standing Rock protests was less reported.

When another man shot at members of congress on June 14, leaving GOP House Whip Steve Scalise in critical condition, different media personalities quickly played a similar game with a new twist: suspect James Hodgkinson was a proud Sanders supporter who frequented anti-Trump social media pages. Minutes after the shooting, Donald Trump, Jr. repeated a sentiment most often expressed by progressives of late: that violent rhetoric sometimes has violent ends….

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Gun Control Would Be Knee-Jerk Reaction to San Bernardino

The politicization of mass shootings have become an American pastime, but sacrificing treasured freedoms in the wake of the San Bernardino tragedy will not make us safer. Instead, politicians should reduce barriers for people to exercise their right to self-defense.

I first learned about the shooting in San Bernardino from social media in the early evening of December 2. Even before the blood of the victims had dried, social media was full of calls for more gun control.

Before the names of the attackers or the victims were even known, CBS News was running a compilation of celebrity reactions to the shooting, as if an affluent elite with their own security details are a source of authority on the prevention of crime.

Now begins the onslaught of calls for the government to “do something,” or for “common-sense solutions” to gun violence — a rhetorical trick designed to position peoples’ pet policy positions as “common sense.”

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