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Young Voters Aren’t Buying What Ted Cruz Is Selling

Ted Cruz kicked off his presidential run on Monday with a speech at Liberty University. And while the Texas senator hailed liberty as the goal of his campaign, his view of liberty doesn’t comport with that of most Millennials.

Thomas Jefferson defined liberty as “unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” That is a timeless sentiment with which most young people largely agree. Today’s youth increasingly support economic freedom, individual liberty, and a peaceful foreign policy.

Unfortunately, Cruz only embraces the same limited view of liberty as failed Republican candidates of the past.

Were Cruz truly a principled champion of free markets, he would seek to advance a more open immigration process, thus allowing worthy immigrant workers to freely trade their labor with American businesses. Instead Cruz makes Latinos the scapegoats of his attack on illegal immigration and grandstands about building a wall along the southern border.

Moreover, Cruz isn’t friendly to personal liberties, as are most forward-looking Millennials. The Texas senator wants to restore the Justice Department’s prosecution of non-violent marijuana users in states where it is legal, despite the fact that more than 60 percent of young Republicans support marijuana legalization.

Worse is the senator’s demagogic opposition to same-sex marriage. Almost 70 percent of Millennials support marriage equality.

The Millennial spirit is decidedly cosmopolitan and forward-looking; the principles of liberty happen to be so as well. But Cruz’s campaign seems to prefer a cloaked agenda of freedom for me but not for thee.

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The Alabama GOP and Stephanie Petelos

A couple months ago a student from the University of Alabama personified the arguments that are now at the center of the civil war happening within the GOP. Speaking in support of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense Of Marriage Act, Stephanie Petelos championed individual liberty and equality under the law. Sadly, her comments were met with opposition from officials in the Alabama Republican party, who are now trying to remove her from her position in the steering committee.

As the Grand Old Party continually fails to capture more support among young people and a larger number of demographics, independent voices like Stephanie’s call for necessary changes before the party folds in on itself. The real tragedy would be if it took the principles and ideas of liberty that it claims to represent down with it.

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A political group that is unable to adapt to social changes will lose support regardless of the amount of resources that they have. Leaders who try to squash independent thinking are also destroying the innovation and opportunities for changes required to remain relevant, growing, and continuing to affect public policy.

Republican senior officials in Alabama are doing just that by trying to pass an amendment that would remove any member of the steering committee who opposes the party platform outlined by the Republican National Convention. This is an obvious attempt to try to silence and remove Stephanie from her position due to her dissenting view.

It seems that for at least the last two major elections, the Republicans have been a step behind in understanding the move towards the protection of civil liberties. This is something that is sure to keep happening as a result of the “conform or leave” model that some Republicans are trying to implement.

Like in the market for goods and services, the market for ideas to impact change is more efficient and creates better outcomes when it is not hindered by a central planning board. As a Young Voices Advocate and President of the Arizona State University College Republicans, I want to pledge my support for equal protection under the law and the civil liberty to marry regardless of sexual orientation.

As an advocate for my generation, I see an obligation to protect the personal lives of individuals against people that want to impose their platforms and agendas on them.

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