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Young Voices Podcast – Economics and Liberty 101

The latest Young Voices podcast features Dr. Diana Thomas and Daniel Pryor. Today they will explore some of the issues raised in Diana’s ‘Economics & Liberty’ segment of the new ‘Liberty 101’ course.

Topics discussed include basic libertarian economic arguments, reasons to be sceptical of government power, crony capitalism, and the importance of a vibrant civil society.

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Advocate Yeonmi Featured in the New York Times

Advocate Yeonmi Park was featured in the New York Times on life in North Korea, her escape, and the fight for freedom.

Park grew up in the brutal and repressive North Korea as a child of privilege until her father was arrested for sending metals to China. He was sent to a labor camp — and Park and her mother set off on a long journey to freedom away from the oppressive regime. Park painted a grim portrait of life as a child in North Korea. “One of my earlier memories was my mom telling me not to even whisper, because the birds and mice can hear my whisper,” she said. “I was so surprised in the West to see parents encourage their children to express their feelings. I had to learn at that young of an age not to.”

You can find the article online here.

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