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Podcast # 77: Kris Kobach, Kansas & Illegal Immigration

Samuel Peak was recently published in the Kansas City Star about Kris Kobach and his push against immigration. When it comes to Kobach, he is passionate about the issue, but he almost always conveys that passion using false statistics and often misunderstood studies.  Sam joins the show to talk with Stephen Kent about his piece and explain.

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Editor Casey Published in City A.M. on Kansas Tax Reforms

Editor Casey Given was published in City A.M. assessing critics of Kansas’s recent tax reforms.

A heated tax battle is brewing in Kansas that could have major implications on future fiscal reforms throughout the United States. After Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican-controlled State Legislature passed reforms lowering income tax rates among other tweaks to the code, critics are raising alarms about declining revenues. So, “What’s the Matter With Kansas?,” to borrow the famous question by Thomas Frank. The answer is more complicated than both sides of the aisle make it out to be.

You can read the full piece here.

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Editor Casey Published in The Freeman on Anti-gay Laws

Young Voices Editor Casey Given was published in The Freeman on recent laws that target gays in the name of religious freedom:

A recent spate of proposed laws protecting business owners’ right to discriminate against homosexuals has reignited a longstanding debate in the libertarian community. Under the guise of protecting “religious freedom,” 13 states have each introduced bills over the past few months preempting the State from forcing employees to service individuals if they believe doing so conflicts with their beliefs. While none of the bills specifically mention homosexuality, each one effectively only applies to gays since most other classes (e.g., race, sex, religion) are protected under the federal Civil Rights Act.

Read the rest of the piece here.

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