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Foreign Intervention in Venezuela is a Bad Idea

Once the richest country in Latin America, Venezuela is suffering its worst ever economic crisis. Inflation is sky high, products of necessity like food aren’t available, and there are shortages of most medicines and medical supplies. Poverty is crushing large parts of the population, there is high malnutrition, and infant mortality is rising at dangerous rates. Given these conditions, it is not a surprise that Venezuela has become a common feature in international news.

Venezuela presence in the media started after the massive protests in different cities around the country that began in March of this year, since the Supreme Court of Venezuela released a decree to take the functions of the National Assembly of opposition majority which was considered a coup d’etat by the opposition.

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Advocate Keith Published in PJ Media

Advocate Keith Farrell was published in PJ Media about America’s role in international affairs.

Political leaders in both Venezuela and Russia (in regards to Ukraine) have accused the US of meddling and fomenting anti-government dissent. Whether any US covert support is going to the opposition in either case is unknown, though the possibility does exist. What is surprising is how few libertarians feel the US should ever involve itself in situations where liberty is struggling to exist. From Lew Rockwell to the Future of Freedom Foundation, libertarian blogs have rejected US involvement.

It’s understandable for libertarians to be wary of intervention after more than a decade of military adventurism. Military interventions are costly, create collateral damage and blowback, and often leave unstable situations requiring prolonged military presence. Military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, for example, has dragged on for over a decade and cost over$6 trillion. Libertarians are right to reject these kinds of interventions when US security is not being directly threatened.

You can read the full piece here.

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Advocate Alex on French Interventionism in the Central African Republic

Young Voices Advocate Alex Korbel has been published on 24hGold.com writing about the current  crisis in the Central African Republic. Alex writes about the planned French military intervention:

A rapid military victory in the Central African Republic is possible, but it will not lead to a stable future and will not create the foundations of the rule of law and a liberal democracy. A corrupt and kleptocratic democracy or an autocratic unstable military regime are most likely to emerge from this conflict.

The entire article can be found here (in French only).

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