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A Viral Video Helped This Afghan Refugee Find A New Home

It’s a story full of hope among a sea of despair, one involving one of Europe’s smallest yet proudest countries.

With thousands of refugees currently awaiting their fate at the periphery of Europe’s borders, hoping to reach Germany, the United Kingdom or Sweden, at least one man was setting his sights on the Baltic nation of Lithuania.

Last week, American journalist Josh Friedman of the Freeman Post took a trip to the Greece-Macedonian border to interview refugees and collect stories of those stuck there.

It was outside Idomeni, Greece that he met an Afghan refugee named Basir Yousofy, who had been in the camp for over a month. What made Basir’s story unlike so many others was his surprisingly well-spoken Lithuanian he learned in his native land.

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The Great Wall Of Trump Would Be the Ultimate Eminent Domain Horror Show

What Donald Trump doesn’t want you to know about his plan to build a “Great Wall” between the U.S. and Mexico: He’d need to steal private property from Americans to build it.

In 2013, the federal government succeeded in using eminent domain to acquire the land rights to build a border fence across Dr. Eloisa G. Tamez’s ancestral home in 2013. Dr. Tamez’s land has been in her family since the King of Spain granted it to them in 1767. But it rests on the U.S.-Mexican border, so the Department of Homeland Security took it to erect a border wall under a federal law enacted during the Bush Administration.

The Great Wall of Trump would mean hundreds, if not thousands, of Tamezes.

In the words of the Donald, the border is “2,000 miles but we really need 1,000 miles” of wall. The thousand-mile disparity suggests that Trump would incorporate existing walls and natural boundaries. In 2006, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, calling for no less than 700 miles (and no less) to be constructed on vulnerable points of the 1,954 mile U.S.-Mexico border. Completed segments of that project plus natural boundaries could reasonably make it so only 1,000 miles of actual wall building is necessary.

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Did Scalia’s Death Just Win The Texas Immigration Case For Obama?

Justice Scalia, father of nine and one of the longest-serving Supreme Court justices in history, was found dead on Saturday at the age of 79 in a West Texas ranch. His death could spell the end for the long-time power balance on the Supreme Court of four conservative justices, four liberal justices and a moderate. But does it also spell the end for the states’ arguments in United States v. Texas, the immigration case pending before the Court? Cato Institute legal associate Randal Meyer explains.

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If the government won’t help Syrian refugees, then why can’t we?

The Syrian refugee crisis continues to worsen. Winter weather is creating new challenges for the huge numbers of people fleeing their homes, making this tragic international situation even uglier. Recent images of severe starvation have been circulating throughout the world, providing stark evidence that time is running out for many refugees. More needs to be done now.

Unfortunately, the U.S. government is dragging it’s feet, and preventing Americans from helping.

Our elected leaders may be unwilling to help these Syrian refugees, but they should at least allow Americans citizens to privately sponsor them.

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