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Advocate Luca Writes About Immigration Hysteria in Italy

Young Voices Advocate Luca Bertoletti got published in the Italian online news-portal ‘The Fielder’ writing about the current debate in Italy and the European Union to tighten immigration rules. Luca advocates for for tolerance and a liberalization of immigration regulations in order to allow people to determine themselves where they want to live and work:

Immigrants and especially illegals are treated as criminals … they bring a lot of enthusiasm, innovation, and entrepreneurship with them and are one of the major motors on progress.

The entire article can be found here (in Italian).

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Associate Cathy Reisenwitz Published in Reason

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz was published Sunday by Reason writing about E-Verify:

Opinions are mixed on the bill as a whole. Republicans claim the bill will increase budget deficits and unemployment, while decreasing native-born workers’ wages. Democrats claim that immigration reform will reduce the federal deficit.

One thing that isn’t up for debate are the significant drawbacks to mandating use of E-Verify for all US employers. Forcing United States businesses to use the system will encourage employers to discriminate against potential hires on the basis of nationality. Technical glitches will keep legal employees out of jobs. And creating one more national database for federal agencies to mine will pose a significant Fourth Amendment threat.

You can find the entire opinion piece here.

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Young Voices Advocate Radha Gordon Writes About Immigration for the Daily Caller

On September 11th Young Voices Advocate Radha Gordon got published in the Daily Caller, stating that “Young people understand amnesty is a right, and a benefit.”

On Monday Caroline May reported that the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers opposes amnesty because it will lead to greater numbers of people immigrating to the U.S., both documented and undocumented.

The story quotes NAFBPO chairman Zach Taylor extensively, who complains that immigration laws are not being enforced aggressively enough. Perhaps that’s because the web of laws and procedures surrounding legal immigration are arcane, unreasonable, and unworkable.

Read the rest here.