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Podcast #86 with Cory Massimino

Cory Massimino is a Young Voices advocate published this week in Rare, on the topic of immigration & surveillance. He joins the podcast today to share what Homeland Security has been doing on the border to screen immigrants and citizens alike. Is your social media off limits? Find out.

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Podcast # 77: Kris Kobach, Kansas & Illegal Immigration

Samuel Peak was recently published in the Kansas City Star about Kris Kobach and his push against immigration. When it comes to Kobach, he is passionate about the issue, but he almost always conveys that passion using false statistics and often misunderstood studies.  Sam joins the show to talk with Stephen Kent about his piece and explain.

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Kris Kobach’s claims about immigration are based on false statistics – KANSAS CITY STAR

Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach recently wrote a guest commentary for The Kansas City Star defending his decision to make illegal immigration a major theme of his campaign. During his announcement in June, the current Kansas secretary of state stated that illegal immigration threatened the state’s budget, wages, and safety.

Unfortunately, despite his 20-year political push against illegal immigrants, most of what Kobach says is completely at odds with reality.

Photo by John Hanna-AP

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