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Identity Politics is the Enemy of Equality

Australian campuses have become infested with victim politics.

There is a growing obsession with victim politics on campus. It seems that certain groups are protected and everyone else is ignored or punished.

Take the recent events at one of Australia’s top universities. Outrage spread across the University of Melbourne campus following the discovery of anti-Islam graffiti. The chalked slogans, which were swiftly removed, stated ‘Islam is not a race’, ‘Stop the mosques’ and ‘Trump for president’.

The response was swift and furious. The vice-chancellor published a statement on Facebook within hours, asserting that the distressing and hurtful slogans ‘run counter to the vision of a safe, inclusive, connected and respectful university community’.

The University of Melbourne Students’ Union chimed in, denouncing the ‘hate speech and discrimination’ evident in the graffiti. The union proceeded to organise a ‘Chalk for Diversity’ morning, providing a free breakfast to students who wrote positive messages around campus.But But furious reaction to the graffiti was in stark contrast to way in which students and the university administration responded to another case of bigotry, just weeks earlier.

Hundreds of anti-Semitic flyers were distributed at the University of Melbourne during the first week of this academic year. The flyers, which were anonymously placed on car windscreens, stated that the Holocaust was ‘the greatest swindle of all time’ and that Holocaust Studies is ‘replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud’.

In this case, the vice-chancellor did not take to Facebook to condemn them. In fact, the formal response to this disgraceful act was near silence. Neither the university nor the students’ union have condemned the flyers, and no events were organised to educate students about the Holocaust.

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Milo’s appeal has nothing to do with “White identity politics”

The ever-growing battle over campus free speech has a new combatant, with SFL’s own Matthew Needham last week decrying the growing popularity of Milo Yiannopoulos amongst libertarians.

Unfortunately, Needham’s analysis entirely misses the point.

Linking Milo’s provocative, anti-PC style, with the rise of Donald Trump, Needham despairs that this opposition to political correctness distracts from the principles of “individual rights, the rule of law, and limits on government power.”

Needham is particularly perplexed at how so many of his friends support this fight, with some even risking disastrous trade, economic, and foreign policies, by supporting Donald Trump. His explanation is that these friends—and presumably other Milo supporters—must have “bought in to white identity politics.”

I am not one of these friends who support Trump. I view Trump as the most dangerous presidential candidate in living memory, and have previously written that even Bernie Sanders would make a better president.

Having said that, the claim that support for Milo’s antics, and even Trump’s anti-PC style, represents an acceptance of so-called “white identity politics” is nonsense.

The popularity of Milo’s trolling amongst libertarians* has nothing to do with identity politics. It is motivated by a rejection of the infantilizing, anti-free speech culture pervading western societies.

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