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Natalie Le featured in Rare for her free speech advocacy

Natalie Le, a Young Voices Advocate and Student for Liberty organizer, was featured in a piece by Rare for her work on free speech at Harvard.

Campus free speech is an issue constantly making headlines as colleges and universities continue to institute speech codes in the name of tolerance that have the opposite effect—creating more intolerance for diverse ideas.

“Students’ free speech rights are constantly suppressed across American college campuses,” says Students For Liberty’s Natalie Bao Tram Le who has led this fight at Harvard, where she is a student, as well as nationally.

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Young Voices Podcast – Harvard Free Association Policies

Today’s Young Voices Podcast features Sergio Monreal and YV Advocate Alex Grass discussing campus free speech and association and what role university donors play in promoting free speech on campus.

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Editor Casey’s Article on Millennial Politics Published in Print Edition of The Freeman

Editor Casey Given’s July article for The Freeman  on Millennials’ political views was published in the September 2014 print edition of the magazine.

Since March, no fewer than four major studies on millennials’ political attitudes have been published, prompting media confusion about young people’s seemingly contradictory attitudes about the role of government. Headlines like “Millennials’ Political Views Don’t Make Any Sense” and “This Poll Proves That Millennials Have Totally Incoherent Political Views” graced popular websites like The Atlantic and Vox.

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Editor Casey’s Article on Harvard Youth Poll Mentioned by Rare, Reason

Editor Casey Given‘s piece in The Hill on a growing libertarian trend among the youth was mentioned by subsequent articles in Rare and Reason.

According to the April poll, more millennials identify as Independents (38 percent) rather than Republicans (25 percent) or Democrats (37 percent). To put this in perspective, 32.6 percent of respondents identified as Independents for the survey’s first edition in 2000 — a 5.4 percent growth of the group over the past 14 years.

This increase only corroborates what many of us in the student libertarian movement have seen with our very own eyes over the past few years — a growing demand among the youth for fiscal discipline and social tolerance.

You can read the original piece here.

You can read the Rare piece here.

You can read the Reason piece here.

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