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Young Voices Podcast – How Gun Control Hurts Minorities

The latest Young Voices podcast features Meg Arnold, Nathan Kelly and Daniel Pryor. Today they will be discussing Meg and Nathan Goodman’s (who wasn’t available for recording) recent article for the PanAm Post, titled ‘How Gun Control Hurts Minorities’.

Topics discussed include the racist origins of gun control legislation, minority groups in favour of gun rights and the various ways in which marginalised groups are negatively affected by gun control laws.

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Advocate Rebecca Published in PanAm Post on Florida Gun Law

Advocate Rebecca Furdek was published in the PanAmerican Post on a Florida gun rights law that arguably infringes upon free speech.

The case, Wollschlaeger v. Governor of Florida, affirms the constitutionality of the Florida Firearm Owners Privacy Act, which threatens doctors with disciplinary action if they ask patients about gun ownership when not directly relevant to a patient’s “medical care.” Broadly, the court claims that asking questions constitutes medical care (professional conduct), and thus is not First Amendment-protected speech.

Regardless of whether inquiring about gun ownership is ever tangentially helpful to providing medical care or advice, laws like Florida’s hinder our First Amendment right to free speech — even if it’s socially awkward small talk at a doctor’s office.

You can find the piece online here.

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