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Meet Germany’s Alt-Right

In September, Germans will head to the polls to elect a new parliament. One of the parties expected to enter the Bundestag for the very first time is the Alternative für Deutschland (or Alternative for Germany). Over the course of two years, as AfD has transitioned from an agenda of economic reform to one of nationalist populism, they have morphed into something resembling the American alt-right.

In 2012, a group of German conservatives and classical-liberal economists who had defected from Angela Merkel’s center-right and the traditional liberal-democrat party found themselves associating with independent-voter groups in order to run for office on the local level. Soon, these conservatives, who were heavily critical of the European Union’s economic interventionism and especially the European common currency, found themselves alienated by these existing platforms, and in 2013 they founded the AfD.

Soon after its creation, the party began to struggle with internal disagreements about the priorities of its political message: the classical liberals were keen on developing a German brand of Euroscepticism—which, relative to the Anglo-Saxon brand, would appear less aggressive and more academic—while nativists and those who were religiously inspired pushed for more nationalism and social conservatism on issues like gay marriage (which remains illegal in Germany). These were internal fights over these differences during the 2013 election, which contributed to the AfD narrowly failing to enter parliament.

In 2014, the party continued its rise in the polls. It won electoral success in the European Parliament, local parliaments, and municipal councils. Former AfD chairman Bernd Lucke, a classical-liberal economist known for his numerous appearances on German TV shows dedicated to debates on the Euro and its effect on the European debt crisis, became the target of the nationalist wing of the party. But AfD’s moment in the spotlight was short-lived. As the issue of Greece leaving the Euro was swept off the table and the Euro-crisis became uninteresting for the German media, so did the focus on the AfD.

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Puerto Rico Can Avoid Greek Tragedy with Tough Reforms

Last Friday, Greece’s legislature passed a raft of reforms to placate European lenders as the country faces a debt crisis with broad international implications. The deal contains many real, painful cuts for Greeks, but certainly ones that are necessary if the country is ever to regain its fiscal footing.

As this unfolds, another fiscal crisis of a small jurisdiction within a currency union also plays out: the pending default of the US territory of Puerto Rico. My last column addressed the federally imposed problems facing the island, but many of the territory’s issues were certainly brought on by poor government choices in the past that have yielded fiscal ruin today.

With such clear parallels between the two jurisdictions, the reforms passed in Greece are a reasonable guide for what could be done to remedy Puerto Rico’s economic woes.

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Advocate Mariela Published in The Fielder on Greek Extremism

Advocate Mariela Tiliakou was published in the Italian news outlet The Fielder on the rising fascism in Greece as exemplified by the Golden Dawn Party.

While the unrest in Ukraine still does not subside, the recent election of the European Parliament have raised further concerns in the land of my birth – the Greece – about a return of fascism . While the left will take most of the seats in Parliament later this year, its rival far-right seem to be a real headache for the leaders of Greece and throughout Europe.

You can read the piece online here.

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Advocate Charilaos Peitsinis on Greek TV

Young Voices Advocate Charilaos Peitsinis‘ message of a Greece free of racism and anti-Semitism finds a growing audience within Greece and abroad. The oldest ISraeli newspaper Haaretz just published his op-ed on their English website.

The Greek TV channel Skai TV (12% audience share) reported on September 27th in their news edition about Charilaos’ op-ed:

“It is very important to stress the fact that Israel’s media is very interested in the situation now in Greece. A characteristic example is the op-ed published today in the israeli newspaper Haaretz according to which this murder has gone too far in Greece.
Greece’s civil society is now mobilizing against Golden Dawn’s neo-nazi violence and ideology – and now it’s up to the Greek state to stop tolerating illegal violence.”

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Charilaos Peitsinis talking about Nazism in Greece on Hareetz

Young Voices Advocate Charilaos Peitsinis was published today by Haaretz.com writing about the Golden Dawn party in Greece and how a free society shall cope with such a threat to liberty:

Golden Dawn represents a threat to liberty. But threats to liberty can only be destroyed through more liberty – everywhere, and especially in the economic sphere. Only a total liberalization of the economy and new investments will restore Greece and get her back on the road to growth. Then, and only then, will fascism lose its social roots, when it is no longer fed and watered by the misery of economic crisis.

You can find the entire opinion piece here. Haaretz is the oldest Israeli newspaper and its English version is sold together with the International Herald Tribune.

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