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It’s time for Pennsylvania to switch to an open primary

The 2016 election cycle has been unlike any presidential election in history.

The excitement and drama of the election has been fun and alluring for some, but for others, this election cycle has become repulsive.

With the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations seemingly in the bag, many voters feel disenfranchised by their political parties.

It isn’t hard to find people who are eager to disassociate with their political party.

It isn’t hard to find people who are eager to disassociate with their political party.

Just ask a former Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders supporter or look at #NeverTrump or #NeverHillary on twitter.

There are conservatives who feel that the Republican Party no longer represents their ideas and progressives who feel the same towards the Democratic Party.

People are actively rejecting party labels.

But when you look at the numbers prior to the Pennsylvania primary, it tells a slightly different story.

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The Rebels of Harrisburg PA’s Trump Rally

On April 21st, Donald Trump graced the Harrisburg area with his presence, drawing nearly ten thousands Pennsylvanians to the Farm Show Complex.  His rally shared a facility with an Alpaca show that was going on at the same time.

@KilloughCNN @ADPEfferson TRUMPACAS! pic.twitter.com/pXcOXYVaAQ

— EJ Hill (@RicochetEJHill) April 21, 2016

The line to enter the venue was nearly wrapped around the 11 building arena, with little sign of it getting shorter as the evening progressed.

As I stood in line for the event, it felt more like attending a rock concert than attending a political rally. The energy among the attendees was electric. Those around me excitedly spoke of Trump and their belief in his messages.

Vendors took advantage of the long lines of Trump supporters, selling merchandise like knock off Make America Great Again hats and “Hot Chicks for Trump” pins.

The atmosphere projected by those outside the arena was crass, and far from family oriented. Upon joining the line, I was immediately told with a wink by a merchant that his Hillary For Prison shirt came “in size sexy.” It was going to be a long night.

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Why Trump is Wrong on Trade and Immigration

Donald Trump claims he’ll “make America great again.” He claims that free trade and immigration have lead to widespread job losses and economic turmoil for Americans. These are the signature policies of his campaign, but the evidence just doesn’t support this view.

Americans rely on the benefits of trade everyday of their lives. The importation of low-cost goods drastically increases the purchasing power and lowers the cost of living for all Americans.

This is especially beneficial for the poor, who, according to the economists at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, gain 63 percent of their purchasing power from low cost imports. The prices of the goods consumed by the poor fall more than goods consumed by the wealthy. Imposing high tariffs on these goods would have devastating effects on their ability to survive.

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