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Associate Cathy Published in TownHall

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz was published by TownHall writing about free speech.

Whether we find it disgusting, titillating, or a bit of both, banning rape porn threatens women’s (and men’s) right to speech far more than allowing it threatens their safety. Doomed-to-fail efforts to suppress porn may be more politically popular than increasing sentences for actual rapists. And holding schools and law enforcement accountable for collecting evidence, actually testing rape kits, arresting offenders is no easy task. But we can’t let speech-squelching laws allow politicians to pretend do something about sexual violence while real, important reforms languish.

Read the entire piece here.

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Advocate Vera Published in the Oslo Times

Young Voices Advocate Vera Kichanova was published by The Oslo Times writing about what the end of RIA Novosti means for Russia’s liberals.

There is no need for Putin to keep those liberals as friends anymore. Many people are mourning RIA Novosti now. As for me, I like clarity. Lots of professional journalists, who are good guys actually, are losing their jobs now – well, I am truly glad for them as they don’t need to use double-thinking anymore. The appointment of Dmitry Kiselyov will make the state propaganda machine not stronger, but weaker. Window dressing is over and the West is going to see the real image of Putin’s Russia at last.

You can find the entire opinion piece here.

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Advocate Tiffany Published in Washington Times Communities

Young Voices Associate Tiffany Madison has been published on Washington Times Communities. In her opinion piece ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ patches allegedly banned from Navy SEAL uniforms, Tiffany writes about how Navy SEAL uniforms may not bear ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ patches in the near future:

Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie claims a senior enlisted advisor has banned “Don’t Tread On Me” uniform patches for active-duty operators. Per Higbie’s Daily Caller column, an email circulated on October 22 advising personnel to wear only an American flag patch on their right shoulder. The correspondence was forwarded to him by multiple active SEALs.

Read the rest here.

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