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The Mizzou protesters are muzzling us

‘Privileged’, ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ – these are the words protesters at the University of Missouri are using to discredit their critics. Apparently only those who agree with the protests – which were sparked over allegations that administrators were not doing enough to combat racism on campus – are worthy of the ‘love’ and ‘support’ that they claim is central to their movement.

The protesters believe they have the moral highground; they are attempting to silence anyone they disagree with – and it seems to be working. There is now a climate of fear at the University of Missouri, as students who disagree with the protesters, their demands or the methods they use are afraid to speak out lest they be labelled ‘racist’ and reported to the authorities. Critics are being told that it is better for them to bite their tongues than to have their say, since anything less than total agreement is presented as the equivalent of spouting racial slurs. When students do decide to share their views, they are met with personal attacks and social-media harassment. Some have even been told that they ought to kill themselves – which is more than a mere ‘microaggression’.

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UnKoch My Campus, just another attack on campus free speech

Colleges and universities have historically been beacons of innovation and scholarship, shaped by intellectual diversity and a passion for knowledge and debate. Freedom of speech has always been a vibrant part of campus culture.

But that enduring image of universities is now under attack.

A new dogma is pervading campuses across America, with students and academics seeking to silence all opinions that dissent from the progressive orthodoxy. Nothing highlights this dogma better than UnKoch My Campus.

Earlier this month the student-focused organization hosted a national “day of action,” encouraging students to protest what they perceive as the Koch Brothers’ untenable influence over American colleges and universities.

According to their website, the group is concerned by the donations that the Kochs have made to hundreds of colleges and universities, since 2005. They believe there is “mounting evidence” that the money is given with strings attached.

UnKoch My Campus claims that their efforts are about increasing “accountability, transparency, and academic freedom.” But as the group’s name alludes, they only target specific libertarian and conservative donors.

Their true purpose is clear. From UnKoch My Campus’ website: “With the 2016 elections just a year away, we have a chance to clog Koch’s political pipeline,” So let’s call this what it is: a progressive organization vilifying and attacking a voice on campus because it advocates ideas contrary to the progressive orthodoxy. And they’re doing so in the name of academic freedom.

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