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Glenn Beck Program – Bill Wirtz And The French Election

Young Voices Advocate Bill Wirtz was a guest on the Glenn Beck Program to share his insights on the French Election, Faux-conservatism in Europe and the prospects of Marine Le Pen.

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From Glenn Beck: Is it about ‘freedom’ or ‘stuff’ now? …A story from inside North Korea …How phone calls have changed …Bill Wirtz from Young Voices calls in from France with an update on the presidential election there …Trump’s changing tone on NAFTA …Seriously…who is running The White House?


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Podcast #51: Marine Le Pen & the European Faux-Right

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are headed to a May 7th runoff in the race to be the next president of France. Young Voices Advocate Bill Wirtz is a Law student at the Université de Lorraine in Nancy, France and recently co-write a piece in the Washington Examiner on European populism and why it is appealing to conservatives.

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European populists aren’t conservative, they’re faux-right

At first glance, conservatives might view the rise of Europe’s far-right like a refreshing counterbalance to years of socialism run amok. In truth, these reactionary parties endorse eerily similar economic policies as the left-wing they so despise. Fiscal conservatives need to recognize that the European right doesn’t reject the fundamentals of big government — they embrace it, making them more “faux-right” than actual right.

This Sunday, France will vote in the first round of its presidential election, with National Front leader Marine Le Pen one of the leading candidates. With far-right parties like Le Pen’s rising across the continent with recent or upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy, Time magazine declared 2017 to be Europe’s “Year of the Populist.”

The Netherlands’ recent general election provides a prime example of this faux-right phenomenon. Geert Wilders’ Party of Freedom took second place, gaining five seats in the country’s House of Representatives.

The Dutch provocateur has enjoyed extensive support in American conservative circles, with trips to the United States sponsored by organizations like the Gatestone Institute, International Freedom Alliance, and David Horwitz’s Freedom Center to sum of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, controversially voiced his support for Wilders’ tough stance on immigration in a tweet last month, claiming that “Wilders understands… We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

For all his popularity among American conservatives, Wilders’ platform is embarrassingly scant on details. During the campaign, he promised to “lower rent” without providing any sort of explanation as to how this will be achieved. When reading further proposals, such as returning the “age of retirement back to 65,” providing “pensions for everyone,” and reversing “past budget cuts involving care,” it’s easy to see that his Freedom Party is very keen on government interventionism and increasing welfare spending.

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Paris Uber protests: It’s government vs the consumer and not just in France

Violent protests are erupting against Uber in Paris. Taxicab drivers, threated by Uber’s innovative business model, have blocked access to airports and railway stations, overturning suspected Uber drivers’ cars. With massive travel delays frustrating Parisians, taxi drivers have given up trying to be popular or providing better service—they are instead pushing for political favors to protect themselves from competition.

The mayhem caused by taxi drivers was sparked by Uber’s non-compliance with a recent court ruling that prohibited matching unlicensed drivers with potential passengers using an app. Uber, which appealed the ruling, is not suspending operations in Paris, and will pay fines levied on drivers. This resistance should be welcomed: if Uber wins, so do consumers and entrepreneurs.

Only 17,702 taxis roam Paris, far below customer demand. Each time the city attempts to expand the number, French cab drivers respond with “Operation Escargot.” They drive slowly along Paris’s main roads, causing major traffic problems. When taxi drivers feel threated by new competition, they vandalize Uber drivers’ vehicles. Paradoxically, taxi-driver strikes help Uber’s reputation and earnings, because fewer taxis on the road mean that Uber trips are in higher demand and cost more.

Read the rest on Fox News here.

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Advocate Alex on French Interventionism in the Central African Republic

Young Voices Advocate Alex Korbel has been published on 24hGold.com writing about the current  crisis in the Central African Republic. Alex writes about the planned French military intervention:

A rapid military victory in the Central African Republic is possible, but it will not lead to a stable future and will not create the foundations of the rule of law and a liberal democracy. A corrupt and kleptocratic democracy or an autocratic unstable military regime are most likely to emerge from this conflict.

The entire article can be found here (in French only).

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