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Advocate Rachel Published in Townhall.com

Young Voices Advocate Rachel Burger was published in Townhall.com about why Millennials are unsympathetic toward Israel.

And, most importantly, it’s time for Israel to abandon its Holocaust narrative. Much like the Bolsheviks or U-Boats, the Holocaust is an important, but now impersonal, historical lesson. They can no longer rely on the misdeeds that others made 80 years ago to justify the misdeeds of their own today. American Millennials simply won’t support it.

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Advocate Cory Published in C4SS.org

Young Voices Advocate Cory Massimino was published in C4SS.org about Iraq.

That’s meaningless evasion. ISIS has shown it will stop at nothing, let alone at killing 275 American troops, to take over Iraq. The president must know this. Sending troops is more likely to escalate the conflict than calm it. Obama is sending these troops to fight, no matter what he publicly claims he’s doing. If Obama wants to defend the United States Baghdad embassy so badly, I propose he go there himself.

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Advocate Akil Published in the Daily Caller on Iran

Young Voices Advocate Akil Allenye was published in The Daily Caller about what we can and can’t learn from past mistakes when it comes to Iran.

This threat-perception problem is not academic; thousands of human lives hang in the balance. We will solve it, and avert the misguided conflicts it produces, only when America’s foreign policy mavens learn that no two wars or enemies are identical, and stop trying to navigate the 21st century with a map from 1938.

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Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz Published by Antiwar.com

Yesterday Antiwar.com published a column by Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz, New UN Report Highlights How US Drone Policy Violates International Law:

The US conducts, on average, one drone strike every four days. This is literally a matter of life and many, many deaths. In these matters transparency is absolutely essential. The United States absolutely must get our drone policy in line with these recommendations to ensure we are following existing international law.

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Young Voices Advocate Sarah Harvard Published by Atlantic Community

Today Atlantic Community published a column by Young Voices Advocate Sarah Harvard, Transparency Key to Reformed US Drone Policy:

With studies conducted by New York University and Stanford University, reports have surfaced that for every terrorist killed forty-nine innocent civilians are left dead. The heightened use of signature drone strikes – bombings that target individuals that the administration cannot identify – has created mass outrage among the Muslim and Arab World.

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