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Trump’s approach will strengthen ISIS

Donald Trump claims he will destroy ISIS, but his approach would be a major victory for ISIS’s efforts to encourage terrorism at home and abroad.

Speaking to Face the Nation on Sunday, Trump clarified his earlier pro-torture comments, laying out his anti-ISIS strategy. Trump argued that the US has to “play the game the way they’re playing the game,” and whilst he wanted to stay within the law, he thought the law should be expanded to, “at a minimum,” allow waterboarding.

Trump has previously proposed other repressive policies targeting Muslims. These include forcing American Muslims to register in a national database, and the investigation and raiding of mosques.

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Ted Cruz explained why regime change makes us worse off

In a refreshing moment, a candidate other than Rand Paul gave a great non-interventionist speech during Thursday’s GOP Debate in Las Vegas.

That candidate was Ted Cruz, who criticized the failed strategy of regime change and took a shot at Woodrow Wilson, the foreign policy father of all things high-minded yet impractical.

Wolf Blitzer asked Senator Cruz about US policies of regime change to spread democracy, questioning if he would prefer to preserve dictatorships instead. Recently, Cruz had argued that the world would have been safer with Saddam Hussein still in power.

Cruz drew upon recent history. The Obama administration toppled Gaddafi in Libya, he answered, “because they wanted to promote democracy. A number of Republicans supported them. The result of that — and we were told then that there were these moderate rebels that would take over. Well, the result is, Libya is now a terrorist war zone run by jihadists.”

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Why the United States Should Withdraw from NATO

With the recent news that Turkey had downed a Russian warplane for supposed airspace violations, the international community has been in an uproar.

While the Russian and Turkish accounts of what exactly transpired are at odds, there is no doubt that the Turkish government shot down the Russian plane for what — by their own account — couldn’t have been more than a 17 second airspace violation.

Speculation abounds as to why Turkey did this, especially considering that Turkey has violated Greek airspace over 1,400 times this year alone. One possible idea is that this was in retaliation for Russian bombardment of Turkmen rebels who have ethnic ties to Turkey.

Whatever the case, the incident has prompted numerous people, including those who rarely pay attention to international politics, to pause in concern and contemplate the terrible disaster that this could provoke, if tensions spiral out of control. The worse case being a conflict between the United States and fellow nuclear armed state, Russia.

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