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Advocate Rachel’s Forbes Post Covered by The Blaze

Young Voices Associate Rachel Burger‘s latest Forbes piece, The American Economy, Not Feminism, is What’s “Ruining” Masculinity, was covered by The Blaze.

Rachel Burger, the author of the opinion piece and Young Voices Advocate, has some advice for males too, arguing that “If men want to pursue their roles as providers and achievers, they’re going to have to woman up.”

According to the Forbes contributor, in the new economy in which jobs requiring physical skill are no longer in demand, men are going to need to learn how to “play nice,” and will only succeed with improved “social intelligence.” Further, the author advocates that boys “learn to express themselves,” to “take on more traditionally feminine traits” to succeed.

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Advocate Rachel Published by Forbes

Young Voices Advocate Rachel Burger writes in Forbes about whether feminism or the economy is the blame for the decline of men.

It’s time to stop blaming feminists for America’s changing economic landscape. We are spurring ahead in the age of technology, and little can change the growing need for more socially intelligent boys. If men are to compete in this brave new world, whining about feminists won’t get them there. But getting in contact with their more feminine side just might.

Read the rest of the piece here.

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Advocate Rachel Published in the Washington Times

Young Voices Advocate Rachel Burger was published by The Washington Times writing about women and the Obama Administration.

It’s no wonder women are disproportionately scared of growing government. Legislation has only made America’s women more vulnerable in their careers, in their social lives, and in their personal decisions. They are correct to see big government as America’s biggest threat, because, to so many of us, it’s personal.

Read the entire piece here.

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