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Free The Skies: Privatizing Air Traffic Control

Federal Aviation Administration funding needs reauthorization by the end of March. House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Shuster used this opportunity to introduce a bill that would reorganize America’s air traffic control system as a self-funded non-profit. Air traffic control is currently run by the government and funded by the federal budget. The Cato Institute’s Chris Edwards explains the push for privatization.

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The FAA Joins The War On Christmas

Hundreds of thousands of unmanned aircraft systems, otherwise known as drones, are expected to be purchased this holiday season. Once only affordable for governments or large corporations, drones are now available in a variety of sizes and are completely free to use for recreational purposes — or so we thought.

The Federal Aviation Administration has decided to impose some of the most worthless and absurd regulations on even the smallest and most innocuous drones.

First, the federal government wants you to formally register your recreational flying machines. This may not seem like a huge impediment to your enjoyment of this innovative technology, but the registration process and requirements are counterintuitive and ridiculous.

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Young Voices Podcast – Free the Skies for Commercial Drones

The latest Young Voices podcast features Ryan Hagemann and Daniel Pryor. Today they will explore some of the issues raised in Ryan’s recent CapX article, titled ‘Free the Skies for Commercial Drones’.

Topics discussed include state regulation of commercial drone technology, how to encourage innovation in this area, and the potential future of commercial drone usage.

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