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Commies From Outer Space

The Left Forum took place last week in New York City. This is an annual confab of Marxists and left-wing anarchists of different varieties. In past years, they’ve gathered in a series of plenaries to discuss diverse topics ranging from the Russian Revolution to Mexican politics. While in other years, left-wing academic celebrities like Zizek or Cornel West were central parts of the event, this time many panels had tiny socialist and communist outlets of which the majority of mortals probably have never heard.

In attendance were the Posadists––a Trotskyist organization that sounds more like science fiction comedy than a revolutionary cadre. Their name comes from the founder of this peculiar form of Trotskyism, the late J. Posadas, who was an Argentine who believed that extraterrestrial beings are communists. His followers think that intergalactic travel could only be developed by a communist society, so they believe that if there are aliens able to travel the cosmos, they are logically commies from outer space. Their own annual event is hosted by the aptly named Intergalactic Workers’ League.

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Advocate Máté Published in Daily Caller on Hungarian Election

Advocate Máté Hajba was published in The Daily Caller on the rise of extremist parties in Hungarian politics.

While the world was watching Ukraine, last month saw some equally fearful results in Hungary’s national elections. Not only did the nationalist ruling party Fidesz secure their second consecutive term, the reactionary party Jobbik scored the second most seats in the general assembly, foreshadowing dark days ahead for the Eastern European country.

You can find the piece online here.

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