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Podcast #65: Environmentalism and You

What is free market environmentalism? Young Voices advocate, Lindsay Marchello joins the podcast to explain her article in RealClearPolicy and why individuals and companies can and do often do a better job of guarding the environment than government.


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New EPA mandate hurts poor without reducing emissions

As global leaders met in Paris at the Climate Change Conference to discuss the challenges of global warming, the Environmental Protection Agency released new requirements for the Renewable Fuel Standard,  for 2014 to 2016. The agency requires that 18.11 billion gallons of renewable fuel be mixed with America’s gas supply.

This is a toxic mix for the man on the street.

While global oil prices fall, the mandated injection of renewable energy into the energy mix prevents consumers from benefiting. And it doesn’t even  benefit the majority of corn farmers that it is purported to help. Instead, it offers gains to the lucky few, who know the right people in the right places.

A soon to be released study examining the effect of the Renewable Energy Mandates on the economy reveals that the mandate is as bad for the country as it is for the counties in the corn belt states.

Contrary to the expectations of the corn farmers in Iowa, Illinois, and elsewhere, these states are no better off than they were when the federal mandates were first introduced by President George W. Bush.

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Capitalism, not government, can cure climate change

The EPA recently passed sweeping new carbon regulations designed to stave off the threat of global climate change. But if we’re serious about preventing climate change, we need laissez-faire capitalism, not more regulation.

The new EPA rules set state-specific goals for cutting carbon pollution and increasing America’s use of renewable energy. The goal is to reduce emissions to 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, and to make renewable energy 28 percent of total energy usage by 2030. These rules are designed to usher in a new era of clean energy and stave off climate change.

The EPA’s rules would cost the economy tens of billions of dollars by killing jobs and raising energy prices. As well as being costly, the rules are unnecessary.

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