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Advocate Yael Published by Fox News

Young Voices Advocate Yaël Ossowski was published by Fox News writing about fracking:

Vermont already became the first state in the union to ban the process of hydraulic fracturing to recover natural gas in 2012, but this latest move to block the pipeline specifically because it is natural gas follows a new message that may surprise many in the environmental movement.

You can find the opinion piece here.

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Fred Published on Forbes.com on The Disaster of Germany’s Green Energy Policy and Lessons for the US

Young Voices Director Fred Roeder has been published on Forbes.com. In his opinion piece ‘What The U.S. Can Learn From Germany’s Green Energy Debacle’ Fred writes about how the move of German politicians to put the country’s entire energy supply on green energy has caused an abundance of energy and higher prices at the same time:

The German example shows how legislation produced higher energy prices even as energy abounded. And it created a situation in which excess energy actually produces higher costs for consumers. Perhaps the least fair part of the whole scheme is how these prices disproportionately impact low-income households, who are forced to subsidize green energy for richer families to support politicians’ green energy visions.

Read the rest here.

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