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Why Trump is Wrong on Trade and Immigration

Donald Trump claims he’ll “make America great again.” He claims that free trade and immigration have lead to widespread job losses and economic turmoil for Americans. These are the signature policies of his campaign, but the evidence just doesn’t support this view.

Americans rely on the benefits of trade everyday of their lives. The importation of low-cost goods drastically increases the purchasing power and lowers the cost of living for all Americans.

This is especially beneficial for the poor, who, according to the economists at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, gain 63 percent of their purchasing power from low cost imports. The prices of the goods consumed by the poor fall more than goods consumed by the wealthy. Imposing high tariffs on these goods would have devastating effects on their ability to survive.

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Who Will Take the Helm of Puerto Rico’s Sinking Ship?

All things must come to an end. Thankfully, that includes Puerto Rican Governor Alejandro García Padilla’s disastrous term in office.

In a press conference on Monday, García announced he would not run for a second term as governor, representing the Popular Democratic Party (PPD). He plans to spend the rest of his term working toward a solution to the ongoing fiscal, economic, and political crises that the territory faces.

This was a widely expected move. The governor’s support has faltered as the island’s troubles have worsened. In late November, Reuters reported that PPD mayors have increasingly abandoned the governor. Realistically, any governor facing a crisis of this magnitude, and not spectacularly succeeding at fixing the problems, would face pressure for a change. García is no different.


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