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Hysteria Over Date Rape Drugs

Three Florida high schoolers won this year’s Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge with a plan to make a straw that detects date rape drugs. The device would change color when it finds ketamine or GHB in a drink.

The project sounds great. The reporting on the project does not. The practice of slipping date rape drugs into drinks is nowhere near as common as many reporters seem to think….

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Regulating Concentrates Is Next Big Hurdle for Legal Marijuana

Times are changing in the world of American marijuana policy. The DEA recently announced it would consider rescheduling the drug over the summer. Later in the year, citizens in California, Nevada, Arizona, Maine and Massachusetts will vote on legalization measures.

Reasonable people expect at least three of the five to pass. Millions of new Americans, including the first residents east of the Mississippi river, will live in legalized states. These states will be tasked with creating new regulatory regimes that address topics ranging from scientific testing to advertising.

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Here’s how medical marijuana will slow down opioid abuse in Pa.

We have a problem in Pennsylvania. Most of us are personally aware of the devastating impact this epidemic has had on our state.

If you don’t have someone who has suffered within your own family, you likely know someone from  your high school class or community who is  fighting an uphill battle against this devastating addiction.

It’s time to do something about opioid abuse in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s opioid abuse epidemic has been rocking the state for several years.

More than 2,500 fatal overdoses were reported in Pennsylvania, last year. According to a recent federal Drug Enforcement Agency report, Pennsylvania is ranked ninth in the nation in per capita deaths from drugs, at almost 19 deaths per 100,000 people.

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