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Deporting dreamers punishes achievers and doesn’t make America safer

As President Trump’s talking point of choice, immigration policy took center stage for much of the campaign. Now, as the new presidential administration attempts to put these promises into action, many are watching how President Trump will handle “Dreamers” — the colloquial term for undocumented immigrants protected under the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. As its title suggests, DACA provides temporary relief from deportation for children who were brought to the United States as children by their parents.

If President Trump’s objectives are what he claims, he should be interested in protecting immigration programs that weed out the criminally convicted yet allow those with no record to remain. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) falls into that category and adds requirements of education or military service, meaning those who receive protection are highly contributing members of society with plentiful aspirations.

DACA does not provide blanket amnesty. The program’s stipulations are strict, requiring Dreamers to not have had any felony (or major misdemeanor) convictions and either be currently enrolled in school, have attained a high school degree, or be serving in the military. For those who have not attained a high school degree, a GED can also be sufficient for DACA qualification. Protection expires and must be renewed every two years and only those under the age of 31 are eligible, provided they initially entered the country while under the age of 16. Dreamers, by definition, are contributing members of society who entered the U.S. by no illegal action of their own and who are serving their communities in myriad ways.

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Champion-in-Chief, or Deporter-in-Chief: You Can’t Have it Both Ways

The Obama administration began to execute a large-scale immigration crackdown this past weekend, as federal agents raided the homes and businesses of unauthorized Central American immigrants and their families in Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina.  The raids, which could affect an estimated 12,500 immigrant mothers and their children, is the latest move in a long pattern of playing politics with immigration that has characterized the President’s administration since he took office in 2009.  Despite crafting a public perception as a friend to immigrants, the President has taken a far harsher stance than his predecessor, and is living up to the title given to him in 2014 as our Deporter-in-Chief.

For a president who has conversely styled himself “Champion-in-Chief” on immigration, Barack Obama is either hypocritical or plainly unaware of his own record.  Over the period spanning his first year in office until 2014, President Obama saw to the deportation of nearly 1 million people from the interior of the United States alone – nearly double the number removed during the last six years of the previous administration.  In total, President Obama has deported more people from this country than any other president before him, and has now almost deported more than every president from the 20th century combined.

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