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Podcast #97: Lessons Learned from Rosa Maria Paya on Cuba & Democracy

Ibis Valdes is a Young Voices Advocate based in the Miami area and author of a fantastic narrative piece over at GlennBeck.com on a conversation with Rosa Maria Paya. Rosa is a Cuban political dissident, only 28 years old, and leading an initiative to democratize Cuban elections at great risk to her life. Her father died under mysterious circumstances fighting a similiar battle with Cuban regime. Ibis met with Rosa in Little Havana to discuss her work and also how Cuba exports communist propaganda abroad via academia, medicine, film, media and more. It’s really fascinating.

#97: Lessons Learned from Rosa Maria Paya on Cuba & Democracy

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Podcast #95: Defending Our Institutions in 2018

2017 was a rocky one for world governments, particularly western democracies. Jerrod Laber studies these trends and writes about them in outlets such as the Washington Examiner, The American Conservative and The Federalist. He joins the podcast today to talk with Stephen about what we should expect in terms of political unrest and volatility in the new year.

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Strong politicians and experts can’t solve all our country’s problems – WASHINGTON EXAMINER

Yascha Mounk, a fellow at the Transatlantic Academy and lecturer at Harvard University, appeared on the Ezra Klein Show podcast last week, where he discussed how support for democracy has consistently gone down over the last 30 years. Mounk’s research finds that Americans are growing increasingly cynical about democracy and liberal institutions. Explicit support for authoritarian alternatives is on the rise.

President Trump was able to exploit this tendency in the last election, as voters opted for a strongman who made bold promises that no president has the ability to keep. But support for Trump’s populism is driven by misunderstandings of economic policy and overestimations of what government is actually capable of in the economic realm.

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