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Young Voices Podcast – Bitcoin As A More Effective Currency

Today’s Young Voices Podcast features Sergio Monreal and YV Advocate Demelza Hays discussing the future of Bitcoin currency and the regulation that it faces.

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Associate Cathy Published in Bitcoin Magazine

Young Voices Associate Cathy Reisenwitz writes in Bitcoin Magazine about the impact Bitcoin may have on the Federal Reserve.

There are many impediments to wide-enough adoption of Bitcoin to threaten US monetary policy. The two biggest ones, according to the report, are the fact that it’s not yet widely adopted, and its potential for deflation.

But, if Bitcoin does get big enough to potentially threaten US monetary policy, or the Federal Reserve gets worried enough that it might, we may see a surge in regulation and selective law enforcement for Bitcoin businesses. New regulations and prosecutions will likely continue to be justified under the guise of preventing other crimes and protecting consumers.

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