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Conservative policies don’t match conservative values – FEE

Conservatism at its core is a noble ideology. There’s something meaningful about holding onto traditional values and institutions. At the core of conservative political philosophy is a devotion to individual rights, minimal government interference, and stability that comes with tradition – all great goals.

Conservative scholar Russell Kirk wrote an article for the Heritage Foundation on the ten core values of conservatism. All ten are important, but modern conservative policy consistently fails to uphold them. Libertarianism is a more robust ideology to protect Kirk’s keynote values.

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Advocate Dmitry Published in Forbes on European Union

Advocate Dmitry Vasishev was published by Forbes on the European Union.

Last week, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in hopes of slowing its integration with the European Union. Just the month before, Ukrainians ousted President Viktor Yanukovych for his unwillingness to sign an association agreement with Brussels. Meanwhile, Iceland withdrew its EU membership application and the UK is preparing for a referendum on leaving the Union. As the EU remains a major international newsmaker and lightning rod of controversy, conservatives should understand the value of this 21-year-old confederation.

You can find the entire piece here.

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