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Podcast #111: Avoid conservative safe spaces on campus

This week in VICE, Will Nardi delivered a critique of right wing campus organizations that are setting the movement back. There’s no doubt that life on campus can be tough for right of center students, but Nardi writes that students “hyped up by anti-left rhetoric and tantalized by whispers of job prospects in the conservative movement, then go back to campus forgetting that the real world isn’t a never-ending Trump rally.”

Will joins the podcast today to discuss the piece and his thinking about what is needed on campus to make the conservative movement strong and principled.

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Bradley Polumbo talks “campus coddling” Fox & Friends First – FOX NEWS

Bradley Polumbo is a student at UMass and a Young Voices Advocate. He noticed a bizarre display in his dorm hallway and Tweeted out a photo. This led to a write up in Campus Reform, an interview with Boston Herald Radio, a mention on Kennedy and this morning an interview with Fox News.

Sometimes all it takes is a Tweet.

Podcast #93: Campus lunacy, a year in review

Lindsay Marchello writes on Title IX policy and campus controversy for Reason Magazine, as well as for the Carolina Journal in Raleigh, NC. She joined Stephen today for the Young Voices podcast to talk about the year of 2017 and some of the most loony stories she covered.

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