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Bradley Polumbo talks “campus coddling” Fox & Friends First – FOX NEWS

Bradley Polumbo is a student at UMass and a Young Voices Advocate. He noticed a bizarre display in his dorm hallway and Tweeted out a photo. This led to a write up in Campus Reform, an interview with Boston Herald Radio, a mention on Kennedy and this morning an interview with Fox News.

Sometimes all it takes is a Tweet.

Podcast #93: Campus lunacy, a year in review

Lindsay Marchello writes on Title IX policy and campus controversy for Reason Magazine, as well as for the Carolina Journal in Raleigh, NC. She joined Stephen today for the Young Voices podcast to talk about the year of 2017 and some of the most loony stories she covered.

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Snowflakes: Stop Shutting Down Free Speech

A lack of diverse political discussion on college campuses does more harm than help to developing students.

College is a place for exploring new ideas and opening your mind to concepts you’ve never heard of before; not cowering in fear and retreating at the sight of chalk writings found on your campus sidewalk.

What has the environment on college campuses become if students are feeling threatened and unsafe because of someone writing a political candidates name in chalk on a sidewalk?

A history of shutting down political discussion, particularly from the right, has been emerging across college campuses and can have a detrimental effect on student’s education.

Just recently, when conservative commentator Ben Shapiro came to speak at California State University, Los Angeles, students had to literally sneak into the event due to organizations such as Black Lives Matter and the Black Student Union protesting and obstructing the events entrance.

Rather than shutting down speech that is contrary to your beliefs, students should engage on the subject. Students have the opportunity on college campuses to engage in ideas unlike at any other time in their lives.

Instead of suppressing someone else’s beliefs by demanding them silenced, challenge your opposition to a debate, peacefully protest an event, or hold your own counter event to share your side of the discussion.

Shutting down others speech does not make your opinion more valid or make you look mightier. It only makes you appear as if you don’t understand the concept of the 1st amendment and are too immature to have a conversation with your opposition.

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