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Make body cameras mandatory to improve police accountability

An objective video recording of police activity and incidents – through body cameras – can ensure accountability and an honest way to evaluate problems as they arise, protecting the public and police alike. As the public and government officials grapple with the Laquan McDonald shooting and the alleged mishandling of the case by Chicago city officials, many are asking what reforms can help prevent something similar from happening again. Increased transparency, changes to police union rules and other structural reforms are certainly needed. So is the use of body cameras.

If there was any doubt before, most of the country now recognizes just how critical video recordings can be. A recent poll from the Cato Institute shows that 92 percent of Americans now support the adoption of body cameras – including majorities across the political spectrum.

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Video needed in law enforcement arrests

Roughly two months have passed since Jonathan Sanders died at the hands of police officer Kevin Herrington in Stonewall. In this small Mississippi town, there are still frequent protests — cries for justice, for answers — and we cannot afford to let them go unanswered.

On the night of the incident, Officer Herrington had neither a dash cam nor a body cam. Would the encounter have gone differently if Herrington was being recorded and knew he was being recorded? Would Jonathan Sanders still be alive? Even in the unlikely event that he wouldn’t, we would at least have the facts.

On the night of July 8, Sanders was exercising his horse, Diva, and as he passed a local gas station, he observed Officer Herrington conducting a police stop with a white man Sanders knew. Sanders called out from his buggy for Herrington to leave the man alone as he continued down the road.

Because we have no video, we are left with drastically different accounts of what happened next.

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