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Podcast 76: Donald Trump & the anatomy of a media meltdown

Stephen Kent and Tim Joslyn pause from a busy Friday at Young Voices to discuss the crazy week for the media. CNN got it hard Tuesday with scandal and it was soon followed up with a Trump tweet that consumed the media’s attention for 2 days. We discuss how America got to this point, why the media loses even when they think they have the high ground and what July 4th means to us during a complicated time for America.

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Did Facebook Undermine its Anti-Fake-News Narrative by Enlisting Uber-Partisan David Brock?

After Hillary Clinton’s surprising fall from grace, longtime Clinton loyalist David Brock staged a Democratic Party revival pitch-session in Florida over inauguration weekend. Within a week, the Washington Free Beacon published a copy of a “briefing book” from the Florida retreat, revealing Brock’s claim that his progressive non-profit outlet, Media Matters, was “engaging with Facebook leadership” to offer a solution to the purported fake news epidemic.

If Brock’s boast is true, then it presents a serious problem.

A man with a suspect ethical worldview, Brock has an undeniable knack for “saturating the airwaves” with spin and an equally undeniable handicap when it comes to being politically neutral. He is so virulently partisan that he quit the board of his own government watchdog, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, when Bush-administration ethics lawyer Richard Painter joined.

Simply put, if it’s true that Facebook went to Media Matters to find the antidote for fake news, then it shows that Mark Zuckerberg either doesn’t care that David Brock is an unabashedly biased Democratic operative, doesn’t care that he has admitted to disseminating misinformation, or both.

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A Rotten Apple Weighs In On Polish Politics In American Press

On Monday morning (November 30th) Washington Post Deputy Editorial Page Editor and Foreign Affairs editorialist (aka: glorified blogger) Jackson Diehl published a column under his byline.

This article entitled “Poland’s disturbing tilt to the right” was coming off the heels of a column the previous week when “the shill from the hill”- Maciej Bartkowski published an editorial at TheHill.com (in a DC-focused daily newspaper for the tapped-in American political class); “Congress: Keep an Eye on Kaczynski’s Poland”.

In my recent Wprost column “PO’s Hacks and Shills Attempt a DC Offensive” I refuted bit-player Bartkowski’s situational “analysis” and prescriptions for how the US Congress should engage the new regime. (Bartkowski has taken to calling the new government a “democtatorship” on social media.) In the title I suggested this was an “offensive” because I could sense “Dr.” B. was not a “lone wolf” but part of a “cell” (in the parlance of the contemporary terror threat that EU/US leftist politicians are reticent to acknowledge exists these days). This was a coordinated placement-for-effect ahead of what was to methodically come next. Immediately upon reading the column the first time last week I knew who the Osama bin Laden of THIS Al Qaeda was. This fellow agent provocateur of perverted truth and peddler of propaganda (also congruently a fierce critic of Russia…except in 2010 from April 10th to June 20th) was already in motion coordinating the next strike against the new Polish government in the American press. To execute this plan of besmirching the PiS government (that has just won a unilateral mandate to rule without coalition partners for the first time in modern Polish history) Ms. Applebaum logically upped the stakes in going for a bigger attack.

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